December 27, 2004


The wedding of Danielle (Sweede) and Brian on the 18th was beautiful. Danielle is a good friend of mine from my church (BJ grad ’00 and ’02). Her family moved to VA Beach before mine, but since we moved here in 1987, we have gone to the same church.
So it wasn't just a friend that got married last weekend, it was one with whom I had grown up. Brian is a Cedarville grad, and a really good guy. The wedding was beautiful. Sarah C. (a grad of BJU) and I played together (she on the piano, I on the organ). It was great fun.
And Danielle and Brian both said that they believed the wedding was God honoring and a good witness to family members and friends there who aren't Christians. They are heading to Ohio on Tuesday. Brian works at Cederville as a Residence Hall director.

It took me a while to recover from the exertion, but it was well worth it. In the middle of the week, I went to Duke. And it turns out my doctor wasn't even there. So I didn't have an appointment; I just got my prescription and went on to my Aunt's house. It was really great to see her and my cousins and my cousins' children. I miss them so much. They are the closest of my cousins and in the past years it has been the hardest to see them it seems.

We returned from NC on Thursday night. It was a long trip--well it really wasn't, it just felt like it to me. Christa and I watched a movie on her laptop while my Mom drove. Then Christa took over for the home stretch. I like be chauffeured, you see.

Christmas was wonderful. Our family read the Christmas story together and exchanged gifts. For all you artists out there, who know me, listen to this: I got an introductory art set (colored pencils, watercolor paints, poster paints, oil pastels, etc.). It comes with a book that introduces everything. I'll post my creations for a good laugh posterity.
Christa gave me a calligraphy set with the same premise (i.e. to introduce the art form). My parents and sister really surprised me with these gifts. I had no idea. And I love them. Oh, I should add my brother got me a set of colored (black, red, green and blue) Pilot g-2 pens. I love Pilot gel pens. They are the best. I think I have only written one time in my church notes with a different kind of pen. And that was because I dropped my g-2! Kyle knew exactly what I'd like.

Finally, on recommendation of David, my parents bought me A Handbook for New Testament Greek. That's the book that BJU produces for its students.

I hope everyone is doing well. I have been reading Psalm 145 over and over. I set a goal to meditate on these two attributes of God today, like David said.

5On the glorious splendor of Your majesty And on Your wonderful works, I will meditate.

Well, it turns out today, everything going on in my life caught up to me. I had fever and I had my tissue box next to me and I was under the covers almost all day. But...even feeling so bad, I could never get away from His wonderful works. In my life. In my family's. In our church. In the world. God is so good.

It snowed. We got two inches...the day after Christmas. But it was wonderful.
Oh, and this is better. Texas (Alvin--where my family is from, and Kingsville--where we used to live) got snow. It hadn't snowed there since 1989 (I think that's what my mom said.) Anyway, my grandmother loved it. She went outside and built a snowman.

Posted by micah on December 27, 2004 11:42 PM

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