September 26, 2004
in the night Lord's Day Reflections  

(Psalms 77:1-14 NASB)

My voice rises to God, and I will cry aloud; My voice rises to God, and He will hear me. (2) In the day of my trouble I sought the Lord; In the night my hand was stretched out without weariness; My soul refused to be comforted. (3) When I remember God, then I am disturbed; When I sigh, then my spirit grows faint. (4) You have held my eyelids open; I am so troubled that I cannot speak. (5) I have considered the days of old, The years of long ago. (6) I will remember my song in the night; I will meditate with my heart, And my spirit ponders: (7) Will the Lord reject forever? And will He never be favorable again? (8) Has His lovingkindness ceased forever? Has His promise come to an end forever? (9) Has God forgotten to be gracious, Or has He in anger withdrawn His compassion? (10) Then I said, "It is my grief, That the right hand of the Most High has changed." (11) I shall remember the deeds of the LORD; Surely I will remember Your wonders of old. (12) I will meditate on all Your work And muse on Your deeds. (13) Your way, O God, is holy; What god is great like our God? (14) You are the God who works wonders; You have made known Your strength among the peoples.
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September 15, 2004
Controversy is Essential and Deadly discussion  

I was at Desiring God today reading and looking around.

I found this quote about controversy. Having (amicably) discussed certain controversial topics lately with friends from church, I thought this quote was apropos.

Let me begin today with a brief introductory word about controversy. The main thing I want to say is that doctrinal controversy is essential and deadly. And the attitude toward controversy in various groups of Christians depends largely on which of these two they feel most strongly. Is it essential or is it deadly? My plea is that at Bethlehem we believe and feel both of these. Controversy is essential where precious truth is rejected or distorted. And controversy is deadly where disputation about truth dominates exultation in truth.

~ John Piper (emphasis mine)

This word about controversy comes in the context of baptism, but it is certainly not limited to it.

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September 10, 2004
yesterDuke RSDS  

I went to Duke again yesterday. My dad and I got there almost an hour early. We expected to read our books and wait, but I was in and out of the clinic before my appointment started at 2:30. Now that's service.

Anyway, my doctor and I figured out that it was the high level of trileptal (given as an anti-seizure, a bipolar, RSDS, etc. medication) combined with my pain meds that was making me sick. Therefore, less trileptal is a good thing. But we are upping the pain medication.

On the Trial front. I am cleared for take off. Yes, indeed. I am of a sound mind (at least that's what they say) and my insurance has been accepted.

But prayer request. This procedure is very expensive. Pray that it will be handled according to God's will.

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duh moment for the week wacky  

So I dropped my prescription off at the pharmacy and I had to buy another non-prescription medication as well. I found it and it was $12.99. I only had $13 dollars even. Dumb. Me.

I went home. Got some more money and went to another Walgreens closer to my house. I had ignored that little voice that said, "Ask to see how much tax there will be" before I left to get more money.

So I went to pay for my purchase at this new store. It rang up, you guessed it: $12.99. I got one penny back and I could have saved myself a lot of trouble.


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September 07, 2004
O be careful little eyes what you see in the news  

Science catches up with what people have been saying for years.

Yahoo! News - Study Links TV to Teen Sexual Activity

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those cool michiganders fun  

These are my friends from Michigan, Josh and Jen. They are to be married soon.

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