September 27, 2005
How I'm doing... RSDS , update  

I haven't find out for sure what is wrong with my SCS. I had a fluoro (fluoroscopy) done yesterday and the surgeon is going to compare that one with the one from the surgery. Brian, a technician from Advanced Bionics, came to try to reprogram my IPG. Out of sixteen contacts on the two leads I have, only two would work. Just barely. And not without pain.

This is what might have happened:
The leads may have migrated into the dura of my spine. (The dura is the tough fibrous membrane covering the brain and the spinal cord.) Now this may have only been a little movement. The surgeon did see anything noticeable right away from yesterdays pictures.

What is happening though, I am getting no paresthesia (i.e., therapy for the pain). I am, however, getting horrible back pain. So I am not using the stimulator at all until the doctor figures out what's up.

So...any questions?

Posted by micah at 11:16 PM
September 26, 2005
Back to Duke RSDS , update  

I am going to Duke again tomorrow. I found out last time I was there (a week ago) that there might be a serious problem that could mean another surgery. I hope not. I will explain more when the doctors figure everything out.

I should find out for sure what the doctors want to do. At least I think they are going to tell me. We will see.

My appointment is at 2 pm.
Because of the complication, I cannot use the stimulator at all. Thus my pain level is higher again. And I have had some (more) trouble sleeping.

Kyle and I will leave this morning at 9:30.

I can use all the prayers I can get.

Posted by micah at 01:50 AM
September 09, 2005