September 12, 2006
insurance trials and tribulations RSDS , update  

You never want to have insurance woes when you're trying to purchase your $400 medication that you absolutely need and cannot go off suddenly. Or the sleep medication that makes it possible to get through a night in relative peace. Or the pain medication, that once again you cannot stop taking suddenly or you will be in serious trouble.

Fortunately, the pain meds weren't that expensive and I could lose some sleep. And thank God for medication samples doctors give you. That got me through this little hump.

And once again, God comes through with His ways better than ours. I was issued a military ID this morning bright and early. And with that shiny new card I was able to purchase all three of my medicines.

This means I probably won't be going to Duke again for a while unless some amazing innovation in RSDS treatment comes out that would work for me.

Posted by micah at 05:42 PM