December 28, 2007
Treatment for RSD that I'm seeking  

I found out from my aunt about using hyperbaric oxygen therapy for RSD treatment. The patient goes to as many treatments as he can (sometimes 40 or more) in a hyperbaric chamber (usually depends on access and money, really, but the more the better it seems). It is oxygen that is the key, people believe. The pure oxygen is being forced through your system over the course of the treatment as you slowly descend (dive: e.g., 16 ft., 24 ft., 33 ft.).

I am just checking into this. Looks like it is being used in the UK and in USA successfully. I haven't talked to my doctors at the pain clinic, but if I can do it instead of another spinal cord stimulator I would jump at the chance (figuratively of course, as I try to avoid jumping in "real life").

here are some links my dad found around the net: and

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December 13, 2007
feeling somewhat better update  

Well, I saw the doctor and got medicine. I'm feeling a lot better since this afternoon, the medicine has helped a lot. (My fever had already broken by morning anyway.) Thanks for your prayers.

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December 12, 2007
illness part deux update  

Well, my sickness grew into a stomach virus, but my fever is down and my throat is a feeling little better. The nausea has gone away too. I'm still going to the doctor tomorrow.

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illness update  

I'm pretty sick. I have a sore throat and head cold. I have an appointment for tomorrow morning to see a doctor. Please pray for me. I am supposed to play the piano for the children's Christmas program on Sunday. There is rehearsal tonight that I'll likely miss, but hopefully I can be well enough to play rehearsal on Saturday and the program Sunday.

Please pray especially that this doesn't go to my ears. Last time this happened I got ear infections and lost the ability to hear music clearly for days. It was a bit tortuous.

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December 07, 2007
quote of the day  

I shall never be ashamed of citing a bad author if the line is good.
  - Seneca

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