September 30, 2007
"Sleep Well and Wake"  

I found out today one of my favorite contemporary fantasy authors, Robert Jordan, passed away September 16. I have read his series The Wheel of Time many times since a friend at Bob Jones persuaded me (after much commending) to read them. I've been an avid fan ever since and bought each book as it came out. I hadn't been checking on his health since I found out he had amyloidosis. I was under the impression he was doing very well. He continued writing up to his death trying to finish the last book in the series A Memory of Light. My condolences to his family and a quote from the first book of The Wheel of Time in memory.

“It is the custom to escort guests as far as the gates, but not to
watch them go. It is the pleasure of a guest’s company that should be
remembered, not the sadness of his parting.”

–Elayne Trakand, Eye of the World

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