April 21, 2007
Church bought first grand piano music  

CRG50 Grand PianoWe bought our grand piano for our church. WCRG50e saved quite a bit of money. It is a 5' Cristofori grand piano (see the brochure here in adobe reader: Download Brochure) The piano is darker in our building than I thought it would be. At the show room the sun was shining right on us. But I think on sunny Sundays the color will be seen. It's a mahogany polish, so it has a nice reddish glow. It has really great sound and because the wide tail rim design the 5' sounds great!

Posted by micah at 01:51 AM
I am what I am...C or K articles , fun  

Have you ever wondered why we say Cephas ('fəs) instead of ('fəs). I started saying Cephas (with a K sound) and I like it. I shall take my stand on my mountain of 'C" should be "C" and "K" should be "K". okay...I'm not making enough sense. Well, look at the time. I think I took my meds already too.

Then there are all those Bible names I am going to learn. I have a good dictionary that will help my with the pronunciation.

[EDIT]This is what happens when I don't go to bed straight away after taking my medicine at night.[/EDIT]

Posted by micah at 12:56 AM