July 21, 2008
Skype Questions  

Anyone know anything about using Skype? I'm having information overload. Do you really have to have Skype http://c.skype.com/i/images/logos/skype_logo.pngcredit to do SMS messages to phones in the US, even it's Local? I can do it for free with Google, but Skype's always running whereas Firefox is not. I guess I thought it would be free in Skype too. Well, it's still useful for free calls to Skype users. I have family that got into Skype, so I wanted to give it a try.

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July 18, 2008

Augusta, GAI'm in Georgia at my aunt and uncle's house. Our Grandmother (Aunt's and dad's Mother) came with us from Texas to help out them for a while. It was a 16 hour trip by car and it really wasn't too bad, thankfully. We only have seven more hours to go to get home.

I am looking forward to my own bed. And I can't wait to see my cat again. Although I am really enjoying my Aunt's kitten, Sancho. And of course seeing their triplet boys was a very loud experience. They were very active.


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July 11, 2008
Update: about appointment  

I didn't have too much difficulty at the doctor's appointment. He was very concerned that I was in pain, and he did the exam carefully and the appointment didn't last a really long time. I am in more pain now, because sometimes there's immediate pain then it crescendos again later. But I'll be fine. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly at the airport tomorrow.

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To the doctor and beyond  

I have a very important doctor's appointment at 2pm today in the area. I'm asking for some prayer backup. It has the potential to be a very painful and physically draining experience depending on how much the doctor is going to examine me.

I will be up with the dawn tomorrow to fly to Texas with my sister. I'll be gone about a week. I am looking forward to it, and I'll post some pictures here and on Facebook when I get back.

Posted by micah at 03:28 AM