October 29, 2007

Jen asked a few weeks ago (around the 16th) what procedure I was referring to in this entry.
I have been having lumbar sympathetic blocks. They have been helping somewhat so I plan to keep doing that for now. I have them about every 6 weeks.

I have been having some trouble with headaches/neck aches. I know that sounds weird to include my neck, but when I had migraines as a boy it hurt in the back left side of my head and a little bit of my neck. I've had a few that I would classify as migraines. Other days it's not so bad.

On to other news, our Sunday school class has reached Romans 8, and we are almost to the end of the chapter. I can't recall off the top of my head how long we've been in Romans, but I should think it has been a year by now. It's been wonderful to go through the epistle in depth, verse by verse.

Also we've begun rehearsals for our Christmas program. We have a children's play on a Sunday night each Christmas season, and I am very happy with this year's play. It goes through the family of faith, the line of Christ, highlighting characters from Scripture like Abraham, Rahab, Ruth, ending with Christ's life, death and resurrection. The music is pretty and singable.

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scary dream fun  

I had a dream I was terrified of banana spiders. But in the dream I thought the spiders were inside the bananas crawling across the ground. The thing is, I'm not normally scared of spiders. I have even held a garden spider in the palm of my hand, though it was a little smaller than the banana spider pictured.


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October 18, 2007
Where's the forest gone? fun  

This was the quote of the day on my google home page.

Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them.  - Bill Vaughan

It struck me funny since I live in Gardenwood Park and all of the names of our streets end in wood. For example: Fawnwood, Sagewood, Fairwood, Sunnywood. Not exactly the names of trees, but someone sure missed the trees they cut down to build our neighborhood.

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October 17, 2007
RSDS update RSDS , update  

I had a hard time with my LSB yesterday. I woke up during the procedure in so much pain the doctor removed the needle and asked if I wanted to stop. But with a little more anesthetic I managed to continue. It was just a little unusual. I usually don't remember the procedure much at all as if I slept through the whole thing.

My back is pretty sore, but my RSD pain is feeling better today.

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October 04, 2007
the next breed of cat I want...  

My dad saw this breed of cat. He told me as long as you have it from a kitten it acts like a normal house cat.

It likes fish I guess.

And it has a friend.

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