May 24, 2006
How I am... RSDS , update  

I am doing all right on my medication. If I manage to take it all on time. I normally do, but there are times. I still am unable to do much, but I do have my good days. In fact, I went to Busch Gardens, Williamsburg with my family last Saturday. I had about two good hours there, and two bad ones, but overall I enjoyed it. I was hurting the next day (which was unfortunate since it was the Lord's Day), but I still went to church, managed to play for the services and it was a beautiful day, despite my discomfort.

I am enjoying the benifit of sleep medication now. Before, I had pain during my sleep which gave me the most horrid dreams, now I manage 5-6 hours of dreamless sleep. That is remarkable to me. The medication does seem to be slowly losing affectiveness, but I figure if I can get 5 hours, I can deal with the dreams the rest of the night. Fortunately, I am a lucid dreamer and can wake myself up usually if the dream is really bad.

I have decided to have my Spinal Cord Stimulator removed. Frankly, it is taking up space in my back, and I don't like it there. Especially with the risk involved without any of the benefits. So, on June 6, I will have surgery. But as a blessing, I will have the surgery at the Ambulatory Clinic instead of Duke University Hospital (they are very close to each other). I have had a better experience at the former than the latter, although I will have the same surgeon as before.

My doctor and I have discussed other options of treatment, and I will see her again on June 5. So there may be other avenues to take. We will see.

Posted by micah at 08:29 PM