July 29, 2005
summer vacation update  

I am going on vacation with my family to Texas. We are going to visit my grandparents and assorted uncles, aunts and cousins. It is a 24 hour trip by land; we drive straight through the night.

We are going to Alvin, Texas. Alvin is twelve miles southeast of Houston in northeast Brazoria County. You can see the city here.

We will be able to see the triplets in person. I am looking forward to it.
We are also going camping and visiting Austin. I've never been there (or at least don't remember being there), so it should be fun.

I should be able to send out some updates from there. Hope you are all well.

Posted by micah at 03:05 PM
visit with chai on the side update  

Well, once again, good news from Duke. They have written off another not so insubstantial bill I had from them. God is good.

I was at Duke on Monday with Christa. The trip was topped off with a visit to a Chapel Hill Barnes and Noble to visit with Katherine. We had a nice visit, it was short, but good. And chai is always good.

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July 06, 2005
More Wedding pics special days  

Here are some more pictures from Dianna's wedding. I wanted to wait until they were back from Hawaii, to let them see the pictures first. I will hopefully put a few more up. But I don't have access to the pics right now.

Posted by micah at 03:58 PM