December 17, 2004


I was playing around with my.yahoo this morning. I couldn't sleep. The covers hurt my foot. The cold too. What's a guy to do? Anyway, I was playing around with my.yahoo. If you don't have a Yahoo! acount let me explain. Yahoo! provides page(s) where you can choose your content. So it is like having your own little news, entertainment room on the web.

Well I was adding content (for instance I added World Magazine's Weblog) and I typed in Bensfriends. And it came up! I guess this must be Ben's doing. Anyway, jbo came up too, and e-ink.

It's pretty cool. Of course, I hadn't blogged in so long, it didn't have any content. Hence my telling you this.
It's not like I don't want to blog. I haven't had my computer since Tuesday. And I haven't really been feeling that well. Plus the wedding is on Saturday.
But God is so good; I am so underserving of his grace.

Posted by micah on December 17, 2004 05:39 AM

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