June 04, 2004

the mountain top

I'm sitting in a hotel in Colorado. It's hard to believe. I left Greenville on Wednesday morning. We made it to NC pretty fast. TN was our next state to cross. After that we went to Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri.

We stopped in St. Louis for dinner. It was so odd. It was about 6:30 and there was no one around. It was like the city was empty. (We were downtown, by the way.) We ate dinner in the pizza place. It was okay, the pizza was a little greasy, though. There was a policeman there who explained that when the Cardinals were away, downtown pretty much shuts down at 6. Even with the explanation it felt bizarre walking around this huge city without any people walked with us.

Next we went through Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas. It was pretty dark though, so we didn't see much. After that we hit Topeka and were well on our way through Kansas. Boy is it flat there. We stopped at sunrise to get pictures on the side of the road. It was so cold we were jumping around. My teeth were chattering. I didn't pack for cold weather.

After Kansas we made it to Colorado. It was beautiful. Denver was really nice. We ate downtown and walked around for a bit. Then we headed for Rocky Mountains National Park. We were able to go up Trail Ridge (?) Road. All the way up to the snowy peaks. I wasn't as brave as Justin, Brannon, and Ben, but I was near the edges occasionally. We were up 12,000 ft. It was incredible. I have never even imagined.

We camped in the national park. We hiked (I thought I was going to die) up a steep hill for quite a ways. Put up our tent; had hotdogs over our cooking "stove"; talked and laughed. We were only missing the camping songs, I guess.

This morning we packed up, (the hike down was easier than up, but not by much) and headed to Ft. Collins. An unfortunate turn of events lead us to Wyoming, we missed the exit. Wyoming wasn't the bad part though, it was the almost running out of gas. There are miles of nothing in the West. But everything was fine. We fount Ft. Collins, and met the Geters. Saw Ben and Stephanie and the Youngs. Went to the hotel and now I am sitting here typing on an unfimiliar Mac.

I had one bad experience in this whole thing. I forgot to charge my camera. It died when I was just starting to take pics of the mountains. Oh well.

Posted by micah on June 4, 2004 05:18 PM

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