January 26, 2004

crimson thread

I worked on this poem for a long time. Then I let it sit for a long time. Now I am publishing it. I might yet tweak it, but I am happy to let it be seen now.

Words to comfort and
to make well that which was lost.
See the crimson thread.

(Genesis 2:7, 20, 25)
Feeble dust formed, framed
red earth named and spirit life
now naked, shameless.

(Isaiah 14:12; John 8:44; Revelation 12:10; Ezekiel 28:14)
Fallen from heaven,
(Father of lies, accuser!)
annointed cherub.

(Genesis 3:4-6)
Moments eternal--
A poison bite and death bite--
All in a moment.

(Genesis 3:17-19, 21; Hebrews 9:22)
Death the curse, promise
dirt and work with blood and sweat.
Crimson drops atone.

(Genesis 4:1)
The mother of all
from new life aquired hope,
dashed quickly by innocent blood.

(Genesis 4:8)
Breath's vapor fades now
as red hot anger subsides.
Brothers now no more.

(Genesis 4:9-10)
Blood calls from the ground!
Can you hear the crimson drops
fall by the meadow?

(Genesis 4:11-14)
Wandering man marked,
you see not the crimson thread,
free to all who ask?

(Genesis 5:29; Genesis 7:16)
Promised rest from your
weary work rest in the ark
the hands of God shut.

(Genesis 9:12-13)
"In the tent of clouds
I place my bow, this is
My lovingkindness."

(Genesis 11:4; Genesis 8-9)
Disobedient name
seekers! Mixed and confusion,
who can fight God's Gate?

(Job 1:1; Job 38:1)
Hated eschewer,
Patient man, persecuted.
Hear now the Whirlwind!

(Job 38)
"Can man answer God?
Can he know all God's council?
Answer, if you can."

(Job 42:6, 10)
Retracting, he repents.
Dust, ashes his covering.
And God gives to him.

(Genesis 18:10-12; Romans 4:11)
A covenant made
father of all who believe
(aged princess laughing).

(Genesis 22:2)
Father's laughter must
be sacrificed on the mount.
Picture things future.

(Genesis 22:8)
See here the thread of
crimson through time and space:
God will provide a lamb.

(Genesis 32:26, 28)
As the day dawned bright,
a new name revealed to him:
"God strives, rules, and heals."

(Exodus 2:10; Exodus 20; Exodus 6:1-2)
The prince of Egypt
brought stones written by God's hand
after plagues freed slaves.

(Joshua 2:18; Joshua 2:21; Joshua 6:23)
Arrogance humbled,
afflicter is afflicted
saved by scarlet thread.

And running through all
(judges, prophets, priests and kings)
shadows things future.

(Matthew 3:1; Matthew 3:2)
Preaching man, baptist,
Calling now for repentance.
The LORD is gracious.

(Matthew 9:27-30; Matthew 15:30-31; Matthew 1:23)
And by His hand did
blind men see and the lame walked,
For God is with us.

(Matthew 26:39)
And in the garden
of the oil press, He prayed God's
(not His) will be done.

(Matthew 26:48-49; Matthew 26:42)
And knowing all things
yet was met with traitor's kiss,
but He did Your will.

(John 19:28; Mark 15:33-34)
Thirst, darkness, pain:
(His Father's back now has turned.)
What is this but hell?

(Romans 6:10)
Bloodied on that tree
dying to sin once for all,
leads captive a host.

(Mark 16:6; 1 Corinthians 15:55)
But He is not here.
Death is not victorious.
Just as He has said.

(Acts 1:9-11)
Returning like His
leaving in clouds with glory
majesty, power!

(1 Thessalonians 5:2; Revelation; Psalm 2:9)
Like a theif in night;
then tribulation and peace.
Peace by iron rod.

(Revelation 21:23)
There is a thread in
eternity; there is no
sun to shine nor moon.

(Revelation 21:23; John 20:26-28)
God is the light of
heaven, the Lamb is now our
reminder by prints.

Prints that were opened
by nails and bleeding for us:
this our crimson thread.

Posted by micah on January 26, 2004 04:46 PM

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