January 21, 2004


We went bowling again before everyone went his or her separate ways (Danielle to Spain, Christa to Greenville, etc.). Once again, the timing for me wasn't quite right. It was the Sunday night after my procedure. But that didn't stop me from hanging out, as it were, snapping a few pictures and having a great time.

Here's one of Danielle and Ryan. My dear friend, Danielle, is in Spain now. Pray for her as she ministers there. She will be helping a missionary couple. I met Ryan last year a little before Thanksgiving. He's pretty cool and has started attending our church.

I'm trying to catch up with some pictures I was supposed to post but didn't have the time or internet capability to post in the past. I'll do my best not to confuse you with all the "this was this day, and that was that day."

Posted by micah on January 21, 2004 03:23 PM

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