October 16, 2003


Danielle you will be delighted to know that it was an epidural I got today at the Pain Clinic (well, it was a special kind).

Seriously, it wasn't as bad as imagination makes it out to be. I actually passed out from the anesthesia so I don't remember the procedure at all.

I remember speaking a lot. I said "indeed" several times. I remember speaking in French a little. Mainly I remember praying to God (when I woke up a little bit later) and thanking Him for staying with me and for how good He is. It's nice to know that even under the drugs I still remembered to thank Him. And finally, I thought of some songs. No singing out loud (I hope) but I was thinking about music.

Now though I just have a stiff back and a warm foot. But if all goes well, this will help with my symptoms.

Thanks for your prayers.

Posted by micah on October 16, 2003 03:04 PM

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