May 24, 2009


another post in 24 hours. this is amazing.

what reminded me of writing last night was the sound of the sprinklers. and tonight, i'm watching "facing the giants" and again i hear the sprinklers.

every time i hear those sprinklers, i'm reminded of the post i wrote i don't know how many years ago. and every time i hear the sprinklers running in the night, i think of home and summer and hope.

i'm watching this movie, the state game at the end, and i am reminded again of God's goodness and strength. i'm getting chills. it's one of the reasons i love sports movies. "I'm preparing for rain." chills.

and the sprinklers are running. :P

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May 23, 2009


i just looked at my last entry and saw it was written more than a year ago. ouch. i guess this just shows how much i don't like to write. oh well. at least now i feel like writing for the first time in a long time.

since then a lot has happened. obviously. i'll try to start from where i last left off, but i make no promises in getting everything that has happened.

ok, so the last post was written in april. may came, summer began and summers at bju are so much more laid back than the school year that it really does take some people by surprise. but it is definitely nice. i got to go to charleston at one point, home to cali for two weeks, back to start my last year as a GA, went up to virginia beach to fulfill my role as a fairy godmother, and then before i knew it, the school year was back.

i think i will separate what has happened to me in several sections. 1. GA job 2. GA classes 3. extra-curricular 4. recital 5. future and i think that covers everything.

1. GA job. my last year of my scholarship contract started in the middle of june and i was a customer service rep for distance learning dvd department. that means i answered phones and answered questions about the dvd classes, etc. that job lasted for 4 months and i got the nickname sophie because sometimes when i laugh i squeak like a gerbil. and sophie was the name of a pet gerbil one of the ladies had. figures i get nicknamed after a pet.

then back-to-school season was over and they didn't have enough for me to do, so they transferred me to the print shop where they print all the books for the press. loved the hours. loved the people. loved the fact that there was actually something to do the entire time i was at work instead of waiting for people to call in. didn't like the fact that the job was repeating the same thing for several hours in a row. ugh. that's the closest i've ever come to a worst job. it was mind numbing work. i'm sure if my imagination was up to it, i could write stories in my head while at work and "escape" from the monotony. unfortunately, i'm not a writer. and all my attempts at it failed.

then after two months i got transferred to the job i'm currently working at. i almost cried when i found out i got transferred. then i was trained in my job and realized the relief was a little too soon. i love reading books and watching movies, two things that always get put down on my hobbies lists. but watching movies of converted homesat lessons from dvd to computer for the new online product is going a little far. right now i'm spending 40 hours a week watching for video cuts outs, audio drops, and lip sync problems. and now i'm finding that i have barely an interest in one of my two fave hobbies. grrr. couple that with the fact that if my mind or body is not actively involved in what i'm watching, then i start feeling sleepy in 15 minutes and start dozing off. not a good thing when i need to have my complete attention on the screen and some nasty video distortions can happen in one eye-lid droop or head bob. suffice to say, my boss has called me out on it several times and i am finding a greater appreciation for caffeine.

that is my current job. i will be done with that about a week into june.

2. GA classes. i *love* GA classes. well, i don't love the extra project i have to do to make some classes be technically more advanced, but i love them just the same. learning how to stretch oneself in one's field of study is just too cool. i got to perform a portion of t.s. elliot's wasteland, ps 18, slaughter of the suitors, electra, pride and prejudice, hamlet, all my sons, importance of being earnest, oedipus, king john, as you like it, and others i'm sure i'm forgetting. it was soooo much fun!!

3. extra-curricular. so, if my life wasn't busy enough in the fall, i gave myself a project. i finally got my ducks in a row and did a readers theater of c.s lewis's silver chair. what a long and complicated and involved story that is. by the end of the fall semester i had emailed and gotten a letter back from douglas gresham, the step-son of c.s. lewis and had to postpone my project and completely redo the script 6 times. the final show ended up being a "lecture" that i recorded on dvd. it was definitely a growing experience. and i would do it all again in a heartbeat.

my last semester i was in a play. :) finally! it was a non-speaking part, started after my recital was over, and i was also the stage manager and the costume mistress. i don't think costuming for a play has ever been more difficult. and it was confirmed that i do not sew well. i may be able to sew many more things than the average joe, but not well. i did have fun, though, watching the director and learning a non-bju way of directing.

4. recital. in the midst of rehearsals and script re-writes and trying to get my adaptation approved by the c.s. lewis estate for silver chair, i was also collecting info and writing my script for my recital. that script went through more than 10 different rewrites before i finally landed on an early version to what it ended up being. i started out wanting to have the Bible portion of esther be the backbone and it stayed that way. what i fought most over was how to keep the history of the story in. lots of tears, a sleepless night, and it was finally in almost in the nick of time.

then my last semester was the rehearsal for the performance, which was one of the first ones in the semester. i hit the ground running. i had to learn two accents, memorize an hour's worth of material and 40 days in which to do it. by God's grace and sovereignty it was done and i have the dvd to prove it. if you missed my recital, ask for a loan of a dvd and you can see it. when i was on-stage performing it, i have to tell you i have never had more fun in my entire life. it was a blast! and then it was over and i was bored until the play i was in really got under way.

5. future. ^_^ my fave topic. by God's grace, i will be working at disney world in florida as an intern for 5 months starting this august. at this point, all i know is that i start august 10th and i will be working in the attractions department helping with the rides or theater shows. i won't know till i get there what exactly i'll be doing, but i am super excited about it.

i would go into more detail, but i've already written a novel and my computer is running out of juice.

until next time. :P

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