August 30, 2009


There was this great message I heard this morning about Jesus walking on water and Peter asking to come on with him. Thing is, it feels like every day is like that here. Me asking God if I can walk on the water with Him and then me seeing the waves ride up real high and me sinking till I'm crying out to God to save me. I'm tired of getting caught up with the wind and the waves and then sinking like a rock. But I'm doing it day in and day out. I can't stop looking at the wind and the waves, seeing what they are like and how they move and how high they go and then getting scared at what I see. I'm trying to walk through the storm looking down at my feet instead of staring straight ahead at Jesus and trusting Him to guide my footfall not caring where it falls.

Now, let me say like Peter: If that is You walking on the water, LORD, call me to come. Help me to come and help me to keep my eyes on You and You alone.

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August 27, 2009

Frustrations and Future

So the past two days have been frustrating because the wireless internet isn't working correctly, so I couldn't get on here to post anything even though I wanted to. I'm on my second day of a nasty cold and I already have that hacking/coughing up a lung/wet cough. My nose is dripping like a faucet and my throat has decided it doesn't want to do it's job properly any more. Fortunately I've been off work for the past two days. Unfortunately I have to work 11 hours tomorrow. Yuck.

On top of that I have this stress now of trying to decide what to do after my College Program is up. And I still have no idea. I just got an email today saying that the Professional Internships are accepting applications now and will be until Oct. 16th. Thing is I want to get into a good one so that means applying early, BUT I have absolutely no idea in what direction to shoot for. I've been looking at Adventures by Disney, Disney's version of a guided tour of an area. It sounds really cool, but I need to have experience in hospitality or tourism, speak another language, and be certified in First Aid with Red Cross. All of which is a possibility but I have no idea if I want to go that way or audition to be a Disney performer. I don't know and I have to figure something out SOON. I hate making life-altering decisions on a moment's notice. And a month and a half is just that.

Best blessing in the past two days: I was able to go to the Animal Kingdom park. Oh my word!!!!! It was amazing! If you ever have an opportunity to visit Disney World, make it a point to visit that park specifically cause it totally rocks! There should be pics up soon on Facebook of the day I spent there.

btw, if you get tired of waiting for me to post more, take a look at some previous posts. The first ones I wrote were in my sophomore year of college when this blog was shared by two other people. Those two girls also wrote some stuff, but have lost information on how to put up new entries. One may start really soon, however. My username is Fae. Her's is Kat. She may or may not write. She says she's not a blogger. We'll see.

till the next time.

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August 24, 2009

It's about time

So I promised my dad a post two days ago, but that night i was at work until 11:30 and last night i was at work until 2am.

The past two days I was in rotation without a trainer, a first. It's been fun. But scary, I'm asking tons of questions of people to make sure I do the job right. My managers know I'm here to work and if they are running behind on workers to call me and that I'd be willing to work late.

Only bad thing about all this is that my feet are still getting to used to me standing all day. I come home practically limping because I stand back on my heels and they *hurt* at the end of the day even with the insoles I put in the shoes. But, again, I'm not used to standing all day.

Every day it has rained. I'm trying to get used to that and the humidity. Oy. I've been putting my hair up in braids every day. Many things I have to get used to.

I figured out the other day that I am the oldest person in my apartment. And I'm thinking more mentally mature. I haven't been to a bar or out partying which puts me behind the other girls, in the social standing of the apartment, but I'm cleaning up after them and I've found they talk differently to me. I know I should look at it as a good thing.

I'm going to church with my friend Quezia to St. Andrews Presbyterian Church. It's R.C. Sprowls church, which I think I already told you. I love it. I think I'll be going there every Sunday. I have for the last two weeks and I can next week. I don't know about any week after that.

Frustrating thing: the constant complaining around me. The long bus ride home. I take the bus to save on gas and cause the bus is free. I haven't spent time with any one who lives here in Orlando. That's kinda frustrating cause I was told to call a lot of people, but I just haven't had time.

Blessing: having a Christian friend just an apartment away. And finding another person from BJU here. Her name is Allison Loudermilk. And I ran into her when I was headed to work on the bus.

Well, that's all from this non-writer. I'll try to write more often. Hopefully. Maybe. We'll see.

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August 17, 2009

A week ago today

i was checking into my college program here at disney. Let's have a recap, shall we?

I've had one day of training in my uniform, and two days out. I learned I was working next to the Pirates of the Caribbean and The Swiss Family Robinson tree house. I will be covering all aspects of the Jungle Cruise ride from greeting people as they get in line to doing the spiel on the boat during the ride. I get to wear a "safari" outfit complete with hat and a leopard-spot hat band. I've learned how to drive the boats and I'm combing through the "script" with all its variations to see what I want to say on the boat.

The roommate situation is much better. Thank you for all the prayers on that front. My roommates, I think, have seen that I don't cuss and I am a serious Christian, so they haven't cussed as much around me as they did the first day. I debated whether or not to go to church yesterday and I'm glad I did because now they can see I am serious about my faith.

This past weekend I got to re-connect with some people I hung out with at my church back in South Carolina. It was great to see them all again. I got to go on several rides and see the fireworks show at Epcot. Fun stuff.

Today is a relaxing sort of day and I finally finished filling out my application for health insurance. I'm also meeting some people at Magic Kingdom to go on some rides for the day. But I also have to get a few more things at Wal-mart.

Biggest blessing is having a Christian friend here, going through the program with me. Her name is Quezia (pronounced Kez-ia) Lourenco and she was the one who recommended we go to St. Andrews Presbyterian Church yesterday. It was an amazing service, but I'm veering from topic. We talked about and agreed that it is so comforting to have a friend here who believes in the same thing. No matter how much I love my roommates, we still have completely opposing world views. So when Quez and I see each other, it is like a breath of fresh air.

A few frustrations. Hmm. The bus system. On Saturday which was my first day in costume, I made it to my bus stop on time, but there were so many people already on my bus either going to work or going to the Traditions class that even though the bus was packed like a can of sardines, about ten of us couldn't fit on it. So the bus driver recruited another bus to take us to where we needed to go. Unfortunately, the recruit didn't know where he was going and after getting lost three times (one of which he went the wrong way on I-4) and after asking directions from bus drivers three different times, he got directions from another college intern to get us to where we needed to go eight minutes late. When you clock in late at Disney World, you get a half point deducted. And so on my first day I had a half point off of my record. Not good. Fortunately, after I explained the situation to my trainer and then I explained it to my manager, that half point was taken off. I'm riding the free bus system here just to save on gas and to make myself stick to a strict schedule.

Now for an explanation. The reason I haven't posted anything in a few days is because it takes a while for me to write things down and I've been getting into the apartment at midnight or later for the past couple of night and gone straight to bed.

Anywho, I'll try to write something before Friday and if not, then on Friday which is the day of my assessment when I "earn my ears".

Until then,

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August 13, 2009

day 4 with review of day 3

So on the night of day 2 after i posted the blog, i got to talk to my roommate for nearly an hour and a half about my relationship with Christ. She was asking me questions about what i believed in and i tried to answer that and say why. it was awesome and an answer to prayer.

yesterday i was just too tired to post. anyway--best thing about yesterday was a story i heard by one of my facilitators. she was working in crowd control and saw an old lady in a wheelchair who had trouble moving waiting for the parade to start. the old lady had a mystified look on her face so my facilitator went over to see if she could help. the old lady wanted to know when when mickey mouse was coming by and was told mickey was going to be in the parade. well, my facilitator wanted to do something more for her, so she talked to some people and got to take the old lady to a vip spot. well, when they opened the door to walk in mickey and minnie mouse were waiting for them. this old lady who could barely move, stood up out of her chair, walked over to mickey, and flung her arms around him and said, "i've waited 62 years to meet you." i almost cried when i heard the story.

frustrating thing yesterday was staying up late again when i should have slept.

ok, now on to today.

best thing about today is i found out where exactly i get to work. ^_^ i'm gonna be a skipper on the Jungle Cruise!!!!!!!! that's exactly the job i wanted to have!!!!!!!!!

frustrating part: even though i wore flat shoes today, we walked everywhere and even now when i stand on my feet my heels *hurt*

i'll tell you tomorrow how my first day goes.

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August 12, 2009

Day 2

ok well, it is day two and i am still here in a pg-13 movie. i think, however, i am on the up and up (yeah song title) cause i think, i think my roommates are seeing/hearing that i don't cuss and are being considerate of it. i'll let you know what it happens. my actual roommate has started cussing less around me. i think.

best thing of the day: i started taking my daily devos with God more seriously today. i did it out in the living room with my roomie organizing all her stuff in our closet and everyone else out and about. another best thing, i'm at disney

most frustrating thing of the day: because of the cussing, my life has changed to a r rated movie. and now the words are circling around in my brain just waiting to come out. i was thinking about my day in the shower and i couldn't stop the words. so every time i tried to quote scripture and the words kept circling but the short verses weren't working. thankfully i memorized a large portion of scripture earlier this year for my recital, so i started quoting my recital in the shower and it helped. until i tried to bond again with my roommates and the language started flowing again. so before i go to bed i will pick up where i left off in my recital.

tomorrow i go to disney traditions where i learn all about the business strategy that makes this place run. i'm looking forward to it.

till tomorrow

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August 10, 2009

disney day 1

I'm at Disney World!!! :D imagine a *huge* smile on my face.

ok, so check in was at 10:30ish and i went through the line with loud music blaring to keep the blood pumping and i could not keep the smile from my face. i had to skip out of line to get my registration, but soon after was done and on my way to unload all my stuff. an hour and a half later i was off to "casting" where i did all the official paperwork. i met several people who were at least five years younger than me. during the whole two hours that took, again i could not keep the smile off my face. it felt like my skin was ready to peel off from excitement. i found out i am working in the magic kingdom in the area near pirates of the carribean and tom sawyer's island and the jungle boat ride. :) exactly the place i wanted to work.

i came back and started organizing all my stuff and putting it all away trying to take care of apartment stuff, etc. my apartment mates and me went out to chevy's for dinner and this evening i have had a chance to study the people i will be living with and i'm scared. i'm over 21 and so is the rest of my apartment but that's not the trouble, yet. i feel like i'm living in a pg-13 movie with the language and everything. all these girls went to secular colleges, a couple already are graduated, and i'm the only serious Christian. i know this is a great ministry opportunity, but i don't know where exactly to draw the line and how exactly i need to stand up to things.

major prayer request is that i keep my testimony and don't compromise and figure out where to make my stand and how to communicate Christ to these girls. i would greatly covet your prayers on this.

so, yeah. i'm planning on making this blog a daily update on what i'm doing here at disney. i promised my mom i would put the most awesome experience of the day and the most frustrating. the best: finding out where i'm working. the worst: finding out where my roommates' beliefs lie or finding the spring in my bed is right under my hips and sticks out there. :(

till tomorrow.

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