April 03, 2008

A whole bunch of new happennings

Near the end of this second semester of officially being a grad student ^_^ I don't know where to start to explain the whirl-wind that has been my life.

All my classes are graduate classes and I *love* them!! I am *so* glad I didn't do the Interp major for a Bachelors because I would have stopped taking performance-based classes my sophomore year. Now, almost every class I have takes me further into the realm of stretching my skill and strengthening my talent. In one class right now, I am working on how a piece where the first-person narrator is an older fat Southern uneducated black woman realizing the difference between her slow, scarred younger daughter and her over-confident, educated, graceful older daughter as the older comes to visit for the first time in 15 or so years. To play it off convincingly I need to "become" a character I have no reference for.

On a different subject, last semester I was in default mode emotionally because I could not face the wreck and ruin of my heart. I realize now after seven months of being single how in love I was with my ex-boyfriend. After the break became permanent and he told me why, I continued to see him around campus and at church (we are both in the same choir). He would always smile and say "Hi" to me and I would give him a hurt and mostly scared expression in return. To add acid to the wound, he started dating a girl he counseled with almost two months after the break-up. Well, February 22nd was a momentous day for me because it was the first day since our break-up that I actually felt no pain when he passed by me and said "Hi". It was a literal miracle. I was light on my feet the rest of the day rejoicing that God brought me through that crucible. It was then that I was able to truly look at how deep the hurt was and how He has carried me through the entire thing.

Now, I am happy to say that I have not only gotten completely over my ex-boyfriend, but I have even been on a date with another boy. A non BJU boy. A boy who had only been inside the bubble once before I met him. Can you tell I'm smiling? And before you ask, Yes, he is a Christian. He took me out to dinner before we went to see Living Gallery together. Imagine my smile getting a bit bigger. I can barely contain the girly giggle that surfaces every time I think about it. We'll see if it actually goes further.

Subject 3: Recital. The thing that has been most on my mind lately is my grad recital I will have to perform next year. I am hoping to do a Jewish re-telling of the story of Esther. The Jews celebrate the Purim festival every year a month before Seder. And next year that day falls on March 9th which happens to be the day before Gold Rush Daze. Now, Purim is one of the most celebrated Jewish holidays and they have way too much fun (costume parties, booing and hissing when the story is told at Haman's name, etc.) so I figure if I have my recital that day before Gold Rush Daze, the students who come would be in a celebratory mood which would make the most out of the recital since I plan on having direct audience participation. I just need to decide if I really want to do that night or not. We'll see.

Subject 4: Next semester. This semester I had wanted to put on a Reader's Theater version of Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It didn't work out because I hadn't taken the class Staging Literature which I happen to be taking right now. Just this morning I was asking a teacher a question about something entirely different and the topic came up again about doing a Reader's Theater next semester (Fall 08). Well, if I can read the signs right, it might not only happen, but be a Dinner Theater production as well. Any more details I cannot give at the moment except to say I am totally stoked.

Well, I think I've procrastinated writing a handout for a class tomorrow long enough and I think I've divulged everything (at least the major subjects) that's going on in my life right now. If I get into a pensive or contemplative mood in the next two weeks, I'll try to post something instead of a rambling of my life's events :P

Till next time

Posted by Fae at 01:17 AM