August 30, 2005

Is Insomnia Contagious?

It's 2am and I'm wide awake. Maybe insomnia's contagious. After all, Gwen's room is right across the hall from mine and she had trouble sleeping a few nights ago. At least tonite the house isn't shaking.

Maybe it's the java shake I had earlier. I ordered decaf but maybe it was caf instead?

Or, it could be the snoring cat who was asleep on my feet a few minutes ago combined with the snoring husband sleeping right next to me. The two of them never snore in unison and the cat's getting louder and louder as he gets older.

Actually, I think it's probably residual adrenaline in my system from the first day at a new job. Yep, another new job. This time I'm doing something fun. I broke out of the office mold and went to work for our local Fresh Market as a Front End Assistant. A more concise description of this new job would be bagger/cashier/shift-leader/closing bookkeeper/mom. Plus a few other things mixed in. Not a job that will make me rich but if today was any indication of what this is going to be like, I think I'm going to love it.

The people who work there are great and the clientelle is wonderful. Especially in the early morning. There is a group of elderly folks who shop every day. More for the social aspect of it than anything else. They get their little complimentary cup of coffee and stand around in the bulk area of the store and chat. Some of them get their coffee and then sit on the bench in front of the registers and chat. They know every employee and make sure to speak to them all. Talking with them was great fun but I don't think that's the reason I'm awake right now. I think it's more because of all the produce codes running around in my brain.....I remembered a few from my Hannaford days....4011s never left me (bananas), but the 4072s and 4017s had to be resurrected before they started to stick. Add to that the 6750s (gourmet coffee) and the hundred or so candy codes and the bazillion different kinds of trail mix with exotic names like California Delight, Banana Split, and High-Energy Mix (that one I don't need right now!) and you get a jumble that would fry even the best of brains.

Ahhhh....maybe by writing all this down it'll remove it from my brain cache and I'll be able to sleep....and....maybe the cat'll stop snoring, that would help too.

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