March 28, 2007

Pi Day

My husband always gets excited about Pi Day, March know, Pi, 3.14??? A group at his office (probably the whole office) always celebrates by bringing different varieties of pies and eating until they can't hold any more. They delayed their celebration this year for some reason and tomorrow is the big day. So, today I made pies so that he will have something to offer. Each year it's the same request, Three Layer Raisin Pie. If that sounds odd to some of you, then you haven't tasted Three Layer Raisin Pie. The ingredients sound like a shopping list from the dairy case.....sour cream, cream cheese, whipping cream, eggs, butter.....all those good things that increase your cholesterol level and add several layers to your fat cells. But on Pi Day, who cares!

This year I made two of these delectable pastries. One for them, and one for us! Neither will last very long, I'm sure.

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