July 03, 2005

techno-savvy...at last!

Hah! I have finally done something with my computer without the assistance of either husband or child......I took music from three different CDs and burned it onto a fourth!!! This may not seem to be a huge deal to most of you, but for an old lady, it's a really big deal!

OK, why is this so important to me??? Well, I have finally developed the ability to run. Yes, run. I've lost enough weight that I can now run on my treadmill without feeling like I'm going to fall over from lack air or from cardiac arrest. However, I cannot run without something to motivate me and jiggy music seems to do that best. For a while I watched videos but I can only watch the same thing so many times. And videos don't move. On that same note, I can only listen to the same music for so long without getting sick of it...so, I took three of my favorite CDs and chose tracks from each one and I now have a variety of things to get me moving.

Hah! I am now queen of the treadmill......I might even be able to crank the speed up a little!

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