January 24, 2005

PortCityJava new location

For those Greenvillians who like coffee, come check out the new Port City Java location on Mills Ave (also known as Church street before it crosses Augusta). If you're familiar with where Church street is, just take that on past downtown until it crosses Augusta. At the next light after the Augusta intersection you'll see The Lofts (some high price flats in the old Mill's Mill). The new Port City Java is on your left. You can turn left at the light (which can be trickier), or you can go strait through and take a left after the light (the second is often better).

Right now (I'm there), it's a bit empty because today's their first day. If you get here before 1pm today you'll likely see me perched at one of the high tables enjoy some great organic coffee. You may also recognize someone behind the counter. :)

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January 22, 2005

International "Do unto others"

I'm all for freedom, and I would like each person on this earth to have the opportunity to be Truly Free.

However, a thought occured to me this morning, what if other nations decided to enforce "freedom" on the world? Wouldn't we call it Gihad? Wouldn't we be scared? Wouldn't we protect ourselves?

The US of A seems to be headed for a less nationalistic form of the British Commonwealth. The BC days did have their advantages. Things did improve in many countries, but was it really freedom? Gandhi didn't think so. He didn't hate the British. He considered them friends. He wanted their cooperation for helping India free to live or die on their own. To be free.

If America wants to give people the opportunity to help people have freedom, they need to come up with an economic plan for themselves and other allied contries that would promote:

  1. a level of prosperity that still encourages thrift and health without promoting greed and hate,

  2. personal safety without racial profiling/French revolution passporting,

  3. the freedom to change ones "home" land and not to be rejected based on wealth, race, skill set, or age,

  4. and a community of equality without blurring the lines of Truth by distorting the true meaning tolerance.

Mr. President, welcome back, but please be careful.

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More to the Mac mini?

Thanks to my usual source of additional information, I've come across i, cringely's article, Mini Me.

It's a great article if you have time to read it. If not, it basically says that there's more to the Mac mini than just a cool box. Cringely's theory is that the Mac mini is actually part of a larger video distribution plan. It might sound far fetched to those who have never used iTunes to watch movie trailers. For those who have, however, it's the thing you've likely been waiting for..

"I can watch the trailer here, why can't I just watch the movie."

Imagine the shiny new Mac mini sitting on your TV or replacing your DVD player (it's got one anyway). You'll probably want to get an HDTV, though. Which Apple is facilitating by working with Sony. The head man at Sony, Mr. Ando, was at MacWorld wasn't he?

These thoughts are mostly Cringely's, but I thank him for thinking of it all. It's a great thought, and I hope it happens.

Enjoy the article, try for a free Mac mini, or buy one from Apple

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January 21, 2005

Free Apple products

I was one of those who actually joined Joy in her addiction.

If you read Joy's blog, you've probably heard about a couple of the Gratis Network sites: FreeiPods.com and FreeMiniMacs.com.

The concept is pretty simple. A user signs up at the site (preferrably via someone elses referral link), then does two more things: referres 5-10 more people (depending on the offer) and signup for a free trial of one of the Gratis Network associate companies.

Many of the trials are free, and most of them are things many of us wouldn't mind trying out. If you're interested, feel free to use the referral links in this entry or the ones in the side bar.

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January 20, 2005

Big BJ Changes

Just found out about some big administrative changes at my alma mater.

There's a press release of sorts available online: BJU ~ Bob Jones University Announces Three Key Administrative Changes.

A short summary is below:

  1. Dr. Bob III is retiring and Stephen Jones is taking his place.
  2. Dr. Bob Wood is retiring and Al Carper (current Business Faculty) is taking his place.
  3. Dr. Phil Smith is retiring and Dr. David Fisher (current principal of the Academy) is taking his place.

The changes were announced today in chapel.

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January 19, 2005

Trillian 3

If you at all like IMing with people and you use a PC, you need to download Cerulean Studios' Trillian 3. It's incredible. So far it's my favorite new software release for 2005. Beautiful interface. Much less "invasive" than other IM programs. Nice, calm noification sounds.

Anyway, check out there site, try Trillian 3, and upgrade to Pro as soon as you can. Pro has video chat. Haven't tried it yet, but it looks promising.

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January 14, 2005

Google Print

Amazon only sort of beat Google to this one.

Several months back (more than a year?) Amazon released a "search inside the book" feature to their web site. It's a handy gizmo to find more than just books with your search terms in their title or keywords. I don't know that it's sold many more books, but it definitely was a step in the right direction for what is known as "digital convergence" (bringing analog life together with digital).

While search for "John Piper" just now, the first entry I got back was title "Book results for john piper." Turns out, Google was only a few steps behind Amazon. They now have Google Print.

You guessed it, Google is now one step closer to fulfilling their mission of organizing the worlds information.

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January 06, 2005

FileZilla - best ftp client

FileZilla is the best FTP client I've found so far. The best thing about it is the interface. It's actually rather intuitive (a novelty in FTP clients).

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I will work harder

New year; Resolutions.
Water to clean, heal, feed
or destroy my hope.

"I will work harder" is actually a quote by Boxer from Animal Farm.

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