January 22, 2005

More to the Mac mini?

Thanks to my usual source of additional information, I've come across i, cringely's article, Mini Me.

It's a great article if you have time to read it. If not, it basically says that there's more to the Mac mini than just a cool box. Cringely's theory is that the Mac mini is actually part of a larger video distribution plan. It might sound far fetched to those who have never used iTunes to watch movie trailers. For those who have, however, it's the thing you've likely been waiting for..

"I can watch the trailer here, why can't I just watch the movie."

Imagine the shiny new Mac mini sitting on your TV or replacing your DVD player (it's got one anyway). You'll probably want to get an HDTV, though. Which Apple is facilitating by working with Sony. The head man at Sony, Mr. Ando, was at MacWorld wasn't he?

These thoughts are mostly Cringely's, but I thank him for thinking of it all. It's a great thought, and I hope it happens.

Enjoy the article, try for a free Mac mini, or buy one from Apple

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