December 13, 2005

Writing on The Wall

At the show in Nashville, Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn did a song from her 2003 album, Writing on the Wall. The song was Grand Design---the closing track---and it was pulled off masterfully. Though I've liked Jill's music for a good while, I just realized recently what a truly strong voice she has. In addition, she and her husband's melodies and lyrics show a profound understanding of Christ and the Gospel--and a humility and brokenness exudes from their work that's sure to be a rare find for discerning listeners. On the surface, its more of a pop sound than what I would normally be drawn to, but upon further listening, I realize that her music stands deeply in the tradition of the best singer/songwriters. Check it out on iTunes here.

Highlights also include:

Grace and Peace

The Way of The Fire


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