December 13, 2005

The Ryman and White Chili

I must say I had fantastic time at the annual Andrew Peterson Christmas Show this year. I left on Saturday morning and made my way up to Oak Ridge, TN to stay with my good friend, Jon Kopp. We had a great time going to the local science museum (bear with me) where we saw the history of the development of the first atomic bomb. The city of Oak Ridge was the covert site of the building of that historic weapon. Anyway---the next morning I drove back to Knoxville and visited Cornerstone Church of Knoxville, a Sovereign Grace church that just recently moved into a brand new building. The building was the most beautiful church building I have ever been in. And the people were quite friendly and warm. After lunch with the Kopps, I headed off to Nashville.

Arriving at the Ryman around 4pm , I went into the auditorium to watch sound check. That alone was quite a show. Just seeing the work that goes into pulling off such a production was mind boggling.

After soundcheck I was kindly allowed to come up to the catering room and eat with the artists and crew. I finally had a chance to meet the very kind couple of Andy Gullahorn and his wife Jill Phillips. Very warm and comfortable people. I'm still looking forward to working on the album design once they get all the photos shot.

Talked with Andy Osenga for a few minutes about album design in general. The key is that any good album cover is a cue to the listener as to how to feel about the music. A good album cover could even improve a listener's impression. And, on the converse, a bad cover can easily hurt the listener's overall understanding of the vibe of the album.

The show went off without a hitch. Practically perfect in every way. Had an enjoyable time talking with Andy P. after the show. I know he was relieved and relaxed afterwards. The man must be quite tired. Jamie's white chili revitalized us greatly. And it was good. Kind kind people.

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