November 04, 2005

Notes on Chicken Little

Today we went to see Chicken Little as a group and then met later in the afternoon to critique the film. Some quickly scrawled thoughts:

The main character was likable.

The pig, Runt, worked REALLY well as a character design.

Foxy Loxy was a great character.

Some of the stock secondary characters lacked in design quality....

It would have played much better WITHOUT the pop rock soundtrack.

It would have been better to play the movie with the dad (and the missing mom) to accept him yet the whole world reject him.

It was funny that the pig liked oldies.

In the best films, the funny moments are VERY integrated into the story. Not breaks FROM the story.

Jamin liked the aliens as furry creatures.

It was a somewhat confusing opening sequence.

Brannon loved the baseball scene. Felt like Casey at the Bat or something from the 1940's at Disney.

The Incredibles is a very satisfying movie. This was not AS satisfying. When a movie is an out and out comedy it's harder for it to approach that sort of level of storytelling.

The first act was long. The baseball scene was too high of an emotional moment in the movie---it definitely (and probably intentionally) was built as almost two movies. The movie up to that point and then the movie AFTER the point of the baseball game.

Best line: "Go on without me. Leave some ammo, and some water, and some chips if you've got any..."

MANY MANY funny funny parts, but didn't necessarily hold together as a whole movie all that well.

The dodge ball scene worked really well.

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