October 31, 2005

Another Update

All's going well at Portland Studios these days. Chris Koelle just finished up on 3 illustrations for Relevant Media---of three Bible stories (Job, Prodigal Son, and Jacob Wrestling the Angel). You can check out some of that work on his blog.

Cory just finished up on a watercolored hand-type font for DooleyType called Blue Goblet. The letters are meant to coincide with the look of the lettering on the new book he's working on of the same title.

Justin's finishing up on some artwork for Animax Entertainment for another company's feature animated film pitch.

This last Friday we put time into developing some new stories---Justin' Samauri Hamster, Cory's Blue Goblet, etc.

Chris and Cory both are working on art for Oxford University Press. I certainly can't wait to show that off. Chris' story is Edgar Allan Poe's Murders of The Rue Morgue. A mix of digital, guache, and colored pencil.

I was able to talk with Eric Peters and Jeremy Casella some last night. Eric's working on a new album that we'll be designing---he's pushing it on the fast track to get it done pretty soon.

Andrew Osenga sent me some low resolution pics of the photo shoot he just had done for the new record. Can't wait to work with Chris Koelle on the typography and illustration aspect. Should be grand. From what I've heard so far, the album sounds great. Good Morning and The Phoenix are probably my favorites at this point.

There are a couple more album projects that are in the works, but I'm still in the process of getting more details.

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