June 30, 2006

Design Friday

This is a DVD cover that I designed for an imovie I made for Father's Day for the Grandfathers. I had plans for more detail on the back cover but... well... ran out of time. It is what it is.

AriDVD copy.jpg

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June 24, 2006


Yesterday we all went to Pismo Beach about 2.5 hrs. south of here to ride the sand dunes with ATV's. It was a blast. The sand dunes are really amazing. The dunes range in height from 1 ft. to 80 ft, So flying along these things was crazy, but fun.





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June 21, 2006

In Cali

Well, we are finally here. After having our philly bound flight cancelled we ended up staying the night in Manchester and leaving yesterday morning. Kinda crazy. Ari did pretty well through it all but was pretty worn out and fussy yesterday and last night.

We visited an Apple store in Walnut Creek, CA that was pretty cool and played with the new photo booth app. on the new macbooks.

I went with Chris, Patrick and Melissa to a Giants game last night in Sanfran. That was very cool. No pics tho because our bags came later and my camera was in them. Oh well.

Photo 3.jpg

Photo 1.jpg

Photo 14.jpg

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ipod User

ipod user.jpg

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Design Friday

This is a re-posting for this past Friday. Some random link was somehow placed in my entry. It was broken when I clicked on it. I am not sure how that happened. My apologies.

ASLAN copy.jpg

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June 09, 2006

Design Friday

I have decided to add a category to my blog. Every Friday (fingers crossed) I will post a new design. This will not be something I have done for work, but an avenue to try new ideas. Your feedback would be welcomed.

The following piece was taken from this photograph that my sister took at a carousel.

So here goes.

Sweet Smellin.

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