January 25, 2003

Teenagers should find the wright person to go out with, Because some teenagers are abit wild and like to do things wrong and get themselfs into alot of trouble.
In a book i ried it said that christain girls should only date christains boys and christains boys chould only date christains girls.
Thats how i only go out with christain boys now.
Because some of the boys i have went out with they are 2 wild for me and do 2 many things wrong and i endup getting into trouble because i am with them that why you should wait untill you are a bit older.

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My Favorite song as a Christain

You are my all in all

You are my strength when i am weak.You are the treasures that i seek.You are my all in all .Seeking you as a precious jewel. Lord,to give up i'd be a fool.You are my all in all.
CHOURS- Jesus, Lamb of GOD, Worthy is your name , Jesus Lamb of GOD , Worthy is your name. Taking my sin, my cross, my shame. Risen again, I bless your name . You are my all in all, When i fall down you pick me up, When I am dry you fill my cup You are my all in all.

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January 24, 2003
Beliving Christ as teens

Beliving Christ are LORD is wonderful!
Young teenagers should belive in our lord Jesus and the wonderful things he has done for us!
He had died on the cross for us! He has saved us from the bad things that have been happining! We should always thank him for him forgiving us, What a special All Mighty God we have!
God is special to us so special he died for us.
I have been goig to church every Sunday and i learn new things as i go along and i am only 13.

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