July 19, 2002
There's no place like home...

Well, we're back. The BritTeam arrived safely into Greenville/Spartenburg Airport at around 6:15 (EST). All our luggage made it safely as well.

It's hard to believe that the trip is actually over. At times I feel like it was all a dream. There's some many things that I've learned. I'm praying that the Lord will not let me forget all the things I've been taught. Please pray for the entire team, that we will not loose the focus that we had on the trip and that we will faithfully share the lessons we've learned with those here in the states.

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July 14, 2002
The end of the trail...

We've just finished our last service here in Eyemouth. It's hard to believe the trip is actually over. We'll be leaving very early tomorrow morning for an eight hour drive down to London. Tuesday we'll be site seeing, and Wednesday we'll be flying home.

It's amazing in some ways to think that we actually have other lives. 8o) I'm sure we'll get back into the swing of things soon enough. I'm sure I'll be wanting to come back in about a month (or less). 8o)

Thank you for all your prayers these past couple months. It really has been noticeable.

Cheers! 8o)

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July 08, 2002
On to Eyemouth...

We'll be leaving this morning around 11 (GMT) for Imouth. It's hard to believe we're on to our final week. The week here in Falkirk has been fun. For the fourth we went to Calender park and had a picnic with the church. We got bit to death by migies (the UK equivalent of a mosquito), so in many ways it was similar to being home. 8o)

Please pray for us this last week as we finish up here. Pray that we will finish our course as well (or better even) then we began.

I'm looking forward to seeing most of you again this fall.

Thank you for your prayers. 8o)


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July 02, 2002
To the Highlands!!!

We're currently in a place called Falkirk. It's about a half hour from Edinburgh. Today we did some singing on the high street and passed out leaflets for the church. There were some good contacts made.

Tomorrow we'll be visitng the highlands. It's about 2.5 hours from here, but the general consensus is that it will be well worth it. 8o)

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June 28, 2002
Bonnie Scotland...

Scotland is beautiful! We're presently on a road trip. We went to Loch Lomond and climed a mountain near by. I got some pictues of some sheep and a family of Muckle Coo (highland cows). We're on our way to a place called Rest and be Thankful.

Pray for us tomorrow night, we'll be doing one of our scripts. We were able to repaint the church and hang some cove molding. I got some before and after pictures.

We're passing Loch Long now. From what we've been told Scotland often houses some of their Trident nuclear subs here. I haven't seen any yet. 8o)

Thanks for your prayers.

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June 23, 2002

We've made it to Scotland safely. We drove from the east most point of England (Oulton Broud) to the west side os Scotland (Troon). The drive took about ten hours.

Our time in Troon has been great. We've enjoyed meeting many of the local teenagers. We are having youth meeting tomorrow at 7pm GMT (2pm EST). Please pray that the meeting goes well. We will also be doing more services on Sunday. Prayers for those would be apreciated as well.

I'm currently on a ferry that is pulling up to the shore of the Isle of Arran. We're planing on doing a little hiking and possibly some quad running if the price is right. 8o)


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June 16, 2002
East-most England...

We're in Oulton Broad now. We're working with Kyle Paisley this week. We've been enjoying our time here. There have been a variety of services: nursing homes, children's meetings, and a normal midweek service. We did our Mueller script for the mid-week service.

At the end of our presentation a man got up from the congregation and told us that he had grown up in George Mueller's orphanage. He told us some things about the work there an how it continues to grow. He also gave us some literature about Mueller and the Foundation. It was very encouraging and inspiring to meet someone who had been influenced by Mueller's work.

Today we were able to visit Cambridge. The highlight of the trip was visiting King's College Chapel. It is probably the most beautiful building we've been in yet.

Thank you all for your continued prayer support. We'll be leaving for Scotland Monday (a 10-12 hour trip). Please pray that every thing will go smoothly.

Cheers. 8o)

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