January 29, 2007

A New Semester

It is always an adventure starting the spring semester here. This year it feels even more so.

During my four years of undergrad, I was never here over Christmas or summer vacation. So the fact that this year was the first time I got to experience that joy, as well as living in grad hall, made me feel so out of the loop of returning students, that I felt like I was watching a movie instead of being an active participant. And this semester feels even more off.

Let me try to explain. I was back on the east coast two days after Christmas working hard to keep everything running smoothly at Bellis. I have been here since then. Christmas vacation always lasted till a week after New Years. My parents would usually give a huge party to friends and family where my mother cooked everything, and my dad had fun watching us kids clean the house. Being here and going to a last minute party where I was the youngest by eight years at least (not including my boyfriend and his immediate friends) was a little weird. I'm not saying that for the first time spending this particular holiday with my boyfriend was bad, it was just really weird with all the other people.

This true-blue California girl felt really out of place.

And I was missing my family. *sighs loudly*

It is now about three weeks into the new semester and I still feel slightly out of sync. I have three fantastic classes again, I work three nights a week from 5:30 to 10 again, and now I have nothing scheduled for my mornings till 11am and chapel.

Some of you may say, "Man, how'd you swing such a perfect schedule?! Sleeping in till chapel, I wish I could do that!"

And I would say with a slightly dissappointed look, "It's not all it's cracked up to be."

First, I am *not* a morning person, which means I think it is perfectly understandable not to get up until the hour has double digits. Second, since I work three nights a week (sometimes four) the only time I have to work on homework is either after work or before chapel. Third, since I am not a morning person, am generally lazy to being with (especially in the afternoon), and think that nights are perfect times to goof off, I am already two weeks behind in homework.

I want to be responsible, I really do. I want to be so disciplined I can get up every morning at 6am, exercise, shower, get to breakfast at 7:30, work on homework for four steady hours, and be ready for the rest of the day. But, unfortunately, I think that the only time that is ever going to happen is when pigs fly with their own two wings.

A new semester. Who knew it could be so much fun?

Posted by Fae at 12:26 AM