January 31, 2004


The Legolas pin that started it all.
Mouse traps...for mice.
Black leather.
The uncheckable fairy.
Hats covering eyes.
Tripping from loss of blood.
Ice skating at midnight.
Sending 3 buildings in one night.
Seeing the hobbit and shield maiden at the DC.
Truth or dare in the living room.
Medival ladies for breakfast.
Climbing in Acadia.
Swimming 1000 for the first time.
Pulling my first front flip.
Winning my first sparring match.
The first truth in a held hand.
ROTK in costume.

Yeah that.

This material written and copyrighted by Joshua McSpadden. Reprinted without permission here by Key. So we don't forget.

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January 30, 2004

Our voices joined in harmony
Happy chords for a bright day
Verses of our symphony

There's music in our unity
Friends laughing 'round a table, gay
Our voices joined in harmony

Our voices joined in harmony
Happy chords for a bright day
Verses of our symphony

There's music in our unity
Friends laughing 'round a table, gay
Our voices joined in harmony

Committing our tune to memory
To be remembered on a silent day
Verses of our symphony

Then comes the chanting litany
Drowning our us-song in the fray
Our voices joi ned in harmony

Voices breaking to a cacophony
Fair notes gone astray
Verses of our symphony

Some chords turn to memory
Songbirds flown away
Our voices joined in harmony
Verses of our symphony

the villanelle i wrote for poetry writing. about friends, bj, and life. dedicated first to God, and then to those who make my life worth it.

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January 27, 2004


It seems, out of certain weather patterns, that we have another snow day. Good grief, this is way cool! To experience one was fun, but to be able to have two snow days in a row is even better. What will I do with all the time on my hands? Homework, as usual.

But even though things are going well inside the bubble, I hear things are not going so well outside. It seems as though the East Coast from North Carolina and up is under high weather alert. A storm has hit basically the entire coast and stopped everything. If you have heard otherwise, please tell me.

So go have fun on this extra day to slack off.


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January 26, 2004

Snow Day!

Woo-hoo!!! It is the first snow day I have ever had! And I love it! Okay, enough with the California hysteria to the weather.

Is it just me, or is it completely awesome that we get a snow day? I mean, come on, how often does BJU close down for the day, cancel classes, and cancel chapel? Once in a millenium, I heard.

So stop reading this boring blog, and go have fun hitting people with ice cubes.

:D Fae

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January 16, 2004


the water's dammed
tears fade away
accepting sharp truth
is no easier today

we look for orange
among blue and gray
but finding you
is no easier today

your laughter sounds distant
a phantom's melody
and breakdancing in line's
a fleeting memory

laughing 'round a table
our private symphony
sam's present on two glasses
a fleeting memory

no bright converse shoes
or vests worn all the time
and Strongbad's not as fun
unless you quote his every line

maybe sometime we'll stop looking
for your face in the crowd

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January 15, 2004

Back to School

Well, it's here, that same ol' routine of work, school, and sleep. With friends and eating thrown in so you are energinzed for the rest of what you have to face. Wow, who knew the Christmas break could slip by so fast. I mean, when I got here it felt like I had never left and when I was putting my clothes away it only seemed like I was putting away a load of laundry I had just done.

Does anyone else feel the same way? Like nothing is as it should be? Maybe it is just me. If you have a good joke, or something that can make a person laugh, I would greatly appreciate it being sent my way.

It seems my source of laughter will not be here for another semester. He didn't have enough money to come back for this one. But he will visit, which I try to keep reminding myself everytime I think of how much I miss him. Who? you may ask. Robbie May, I would answer. You know, the guy who always wore a vest and could make me smile no matter what kind of day I was having and could make me light up like a 100-watt light bulb everytime I saw him. But, hey, I'm not God, therefore I do not need to know the reason for every move He makes, only trust that He is bringing about His plan. Which is another thing I need to keep reminding myself of.

Well, I hope the semester goes well for you, no matter what the circumstances. And I pray that you come closer to God through this semester.

Your neighborhood fairy,

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January 06, 2004

I've Got the Fever

The fever for Return of the King... though I mustn't confess that too loudly. I had to have Fae email me the link for moveable type, because I didn't know how to access it...big surprise.

Can't believe it...less than *counts on fingers* three days and everybody will be here! *dances around then ducks under couch, looking for dorm supes*

Anyway, in honor of my rather hyper mood, I've put someone I like on the blog today:

~Slayer of Balrogs and All-Around Studmuffin~


I borrowed him from a friend, my most beloved Vibaby!

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January 04, 2004

Wow, Christmas Break is fun!

And....we haven't posted on this thing since finals. That is a really long time. So I figured I should write something.

My Christmas traditions are usually different from everyone else's because after dinner and after the Christmas Eve Program my church puts on, my family and I take turns opening all our presents. Of course we are still digesting the Polish dinner we all helped to make, and trying not to fall asleep. My church's Christmas Eve Program started at 9pm this year. Which meant opening presents didn't end until 10ish. And then we decided to watch Finding Nemo, one of my presents. Let me just tell you, lots of fun.

Anywho, on Christmas day, we sleep in and then play all day with our gifts. We do have traditional dinner including pot roast and baked potatoes and biscuits. Yummy.

So that is my family tradition. I love it.

I hope your Christmas was filled with fun and family and love.

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