January 31, 2004


The Legolas pin that started it all.
Mouse traps...for mice.
Black leather.
The uncheckable fairy.
Hats covering eyes.
Tripping from loss of blood.
Ice skating at midnight.
Sending 3 buildings in one night.
Seeing the hobbit and shield maiden at the DC.
Truth or dare in the living room.
Medival ladies for breakfast.
Climbing in Acadia.
Swimming 1000 for the first time.
Pulling my first front flip.
Winning my first sparring match.
The first truth in a held hand.
ROTK in costume.

Yeah that.

This material written and copyrighted by Joshua McSpadden. Reprinted without permission here by Key. So we don't forget.

Posted by Key at January 31, 2004 11:01 PM