December 01, 2006


I love windy days in the fall. It is sooo refreshing just to walk outside and have it not be too cold, but have the wind whip my hair every which way. I love being able not to care about what I look like or where I'm going, but to just walk and thoroughly delight in the weather.

It has definitely been an interesting semester. And it is almost over. I'm taking only three classes that I need to get into my masters and they aren't overwhelming. I find at this point I still have time, somewhat, to goof off and watch all my favorite movies.

I got to go to Chicago as a birthday present with some other theater people and watch three performances while overdosing on the innate personality of the windy city. As a side note, if you do go to Chicago, make it a point to visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie house. It is the building he designed and lived in for the first twenty years of his career. One word describes it - amazing. As was the rest of the trip. We stayed in the coolest house, hit the high tourist attractions, and saw Hamlet, Inherit the Wind, and Two Noble Kinsmen. I loved it.

Now sitting here at my computer and thinking about that trip at the beginning of November, my mind races on to other importants that happened this month.

This was the first Thanksgiving I spent with only two other people. It has always been a family holiday with so many people around that you almost get lost in the shuffle. Well, this time I spent it with my boyfriend and his mom. We drove up to her apartment for the day, made a huge meal fit for seven people when it was only meant for three, and drove back down with lots of leftovers. Almost everything was made from scratch. I made my mom's stuffing, he stuffed it into the turkey. He made the crust for my grandmother's cheesecake, I made the filling. He made the cranberry sauce, I made the cream of broccoli soup. She watched us work and cleaned dishes.

It was interesting to say the least. Then we sat down and ate, moved to the living room and fell asleep, and were late getting to a friend's house for one last approval of me before we left. It was the kind of approval that if my boyfriend didn't get, then he was supposed to seriously consider what in the world he is thinking and if he really wants to spend his time with me. Thankfully, I got two thumbs up. Especially when I took an interest in the friend's anime collection.

That was a week ago. Now I'm staring at two major projects that need to get done before I can breathe again. One is a scene with two other people that I am directing. They are "performing" on Wednesday and we are no where near ready. I haven't even had them memorize their lines yet or have worked on blocking with them. The other I get to build a scale model of a proposed set for a small production next semester. I haven't cut out the wood for the floor of it, let alone have time to make the scale furniture, which is partly because I goofed off during the Thanksgiving break. But that isn't due till the day of the final, so I have a week more for that.

Yet...I don't know, I feel like I'm going in circles. Like I should be doing more and I'm not. Like I should care more, but I don't. Like I should invest more, but I'm too much of a procrastinator to do anything else.

And yet...I am still here. God still wants me here and that is all I need to know.

Posted by Fae at December 1, 2006 02:43 PM