October 02, 2006

How do you see God?

Just today I was talking to my boyfriend about artists and how they see and feel things so differently from other people. They can take anything, a feeling, an idea, a picture, a strain of music, a word, and make it into unbelievable art. And I'm not just talking about the things you see in a museum. I'm talking about things that somehow convey something beyond words.

It can take many forms - like a book, or movie, or a certain kind of smile - and you know something has happened. Somehow the world has shifted and you can't understand it what way it has moved, but you know that from now on things will be different, even though most around you won't know a change has happened.

Well, artists are able to give us a "shadow of things to come". They are able to take what they experience and portray it in such a way that we see God.

God does that too but it takes an artist to see it.

And so you too may be an artist and you may not know it. You may clean houses, build cabinets, or write letters. You may teach or sing or cook. You may be titled so many different things like friend, mother, mentor. It does not matter what people know you to be.

If you make someone see God, you too are an artist. An artist given the ability by the grace of God, through our Guide and Comforter, to reflect the glory of God here on earth.

For He is the ultimate Artist. He creates for us little delicacies in what we see, hear, feel, taste, and touch that point us straight back to Him and His un-imaginable love that is so wide and deep and tall that we cannot understand even a nano of it. His creativity is what we all in some way or another mirror to the world around us.

God is an Artist.

But that is just how I see Him. I am only a simple girl that gets very confused sometimes.

How do you see Him?

How do you experience His love for us?

Posted by Fae at October 2, 2006 12:02 AM