April 14, 2005

Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry


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As the title suggests, this book is a how to guide for the new youth minister. It lays out the difficulties and struggles that you may face and how you should deal with them. Everything from how to deal with discouragement to building effective relationships, and from dealing with parents to leading a team. The author, Doug Feilds is a 25 year veteran of youth ministry. He has been through a lot, and he shares personal examples tendered with encouragement and advice from his heart for the "rookie" youth minsiter.

Fluffy. I kinda expected that coming into this book. It is written by Rick Warren's Youth Pastor after all. So, yes, true to line, this one was fluff. I felt the book gave me great practical advice for how to deal with the emotional difficulties of staff, parent, and personal conflict, but not much beyond that. The book spent more time on how to make yourself feel good, than connecting with the Savior. I didn't hate the book, by any means. The personal examples and illustrations were perfect. Doug really opened up and shared some failures and mishaps. Hilarious, but also encouraging. I mean, if Rick Warren's Youth Pastor did that, I don't feel so bad. Hah. Overall, I really enjoyed the read. But it is much more practical, than passionate spiritual.

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