April 12, 2005

designs for the poor

Here is what I've been up to recently . . . design-wise, that is.


This last week, I designed a logo for our church' outreach ministry, T.E.A.M., together everyone attempting ministry. I brainstormed for concepts, and came up with this design that incorporates the ideas of total involvement (upper and lower case letters,) movement (circular arrow surrounding the design,) sending (arrows going out from the t and m,) and unity (all tied together by a circle.) Posters were hung up all over the building, and a powerpoint presentation was shown to promote the ministry kickoff for Sunday night, April 10.

TEAM meets every Sunday night after the evening service. We strive to finish the service by 7:00pm, to allow light and time for people to go out. Booths are set up at various exits around the building, and families are equipped with a new birth basket to deliver to a new mom, a followup contact from a recent service to meet, a neighborhood watch friend to visit, or an inhome member to deliver service tapes to and encourage.

For our spring kickoff, we had 57% of our attendance that night make a visit.


This week, I put together a t-shirt design for my brother Josh's student body volleyball tournament at Bob Jones Academy. 16 teams will compete in a fundraiser tournament on Saturday, April 23. The shirts will go to the winning team. Quick design, crazy fun. I love designing t-shirts.

Not many guidelines were given, so I went for an edgy look. I wanted it to appear old and used, yet exciting. The final product will be screen printed on a long-sleeve white t-shirt.

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