April 27, 2005

Things like Rails

I posted way back when about Ruby on Rails a framework that a like for a programming language I don't know. Since I found out about it, I've been wanting to find something similar in the language I do know: PHP.

Today (since some time has passed since my last search), I found a few:

  1. Cake PHP framework
  2. Jaws

Right now (without looking at the code or even trying the frameworks), Cake looks the most promising as it's under the Public Domain license (which I need to read). Jaws is under the GPL which means anything built on it will in turn also be under the GPL. Now, if they were to add and "L" to the front of their license accronym, it'd be a different story.

Anyway, I hope to dig through these and post more.

Update: I contact the Jaws developers today and the license has been happily changed from GPL to the LGPL.

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December 07, 2004

WACT 0.2a released...

The Web Application Component Toolkit version 0.2a(lpha) came out earlier this month. WACT is an amazing little project. It's planned to be a "modular patterns based framework for creating high performance web applications." It's well on its way.

The time between releases is a bit of a problem (almost a year between 0.1a and 0.2a), but that seems to be in the process of changing.

Things of note in this framework:

  • Great control over the your applications URLs

  • Very impressive templating engine

  • An "allstar" cast of core developers

It's definitely under consideration for all those someday-I'd-love-to-write-an-app-that-does-N projects.

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