February 25, 2008

Status messages and game ending music

Recently I posted a strange status message on Facebook. For the curios, the line (roughly) comes from the music at the end of a video game (which I've actually never played) called Portal. The lyrics are sung by the computer that guides you through the game. It's a quirky, funny, weird set of lyrics. The seriousness of the computer's tone adds to the humor.

Anyway, it's a long-day-programming kind of song. :) We'd listened to it that morning and I felt it fit what I was doing that day ("science"). The song is free to download. It's video game ending music, so it's techno and weird, digitized female vocals, just so you know. :)

In researching this post, I also found a very fun 2D version of Portal built in Flash. Enjoy!

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February 12, 2008

Six-Word Mottos for the US

This reminded me of the six word stories my wife told me about some months ago: Six-word Mottos for the US.

Many interesting. Others, not so much.

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