May 08, 2007


Astoria seems to be a Microsoft-ismed REST framework. Here are some URL's it uses:

  • http://localhost:50604/northwind.ashx/Customers/[City eq 'London']/Orders[Freight lt 1] - Searching for customers in
    London with less than one freight order.

  • http://localhost:50604/northwind.ashx/Customers[ALFI] -
    searching for the customer with the ID of "ALFI"

  • http://localhost:50604/northwind.ashx/Customers[ALFI]?$expands=Orders
    - searching for the customer with the ID "ALFI", and pulling back

  • all the Orders for that customer
  • http://myserver/data.svc/Customers?$skip=30&$take=10 - paging through results

The URL's worry me a bit. They use file extensions, uppercase characters in URL's, wierd bracketing syntax, and dollar signs in query strings. Microsoft doesn't seem to be able to just embrace what's going on without modifying it heavily.

I'd love to hear what some genuine RESTafarians think about all this.

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