August 30, 2006

Subversion: get to the root of things

I've been using Subversion recently to manage our code projects and documents at work. It's been a relief to know we can roll back time in case of catastrophe or plan dumb file dragging mishaps.

Because of the size of our documents repository (the none code repository), I checked out sub-folders rather than checking out the root. Inevitably, I created a 'svn status' running nightmare. I now had four directories to check and update instead of one.

Low and behold, Subversion has a handy non-recursive feature on the checkout command, so one quick 'svn co --no-recursive ...' (or 'svn co -N ...') and I was back in business.

Handy stuff, this open source.

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August 25, 2006

Doug Young Studios grand opening!!!

My father is opening his new downtown studio tonight.

If you're wandering around downtown tonight, I know he'd like to see you (whoever you are). There will be food as well.

Come by, eat some cookies, and buy some statues. :)

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Eat T-Shirt!

Portland Studios long fabled t-shirt store is alive!!!

The new store has woodland creature killing robots, bully kicking girls, and computer chucking Justins.

Enjoy the shirts. Buy several. Wear them in conspicuous places. :)

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August 08, 2006

MovableType 3.31 is free again!

It seems SixApart is offering the personal edition of MovableType for free without support. So, I think it's time for an upgrade to Ben's Friends.

Anyone else agree? :)

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