June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

to me. :)

Stephanie and I found out two weeks ago that we were expecting--and we mean that in all the possible happy-young-couple-approximately-one-month-along ways.

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June 16, 2006

The Future of the Web

I put this in a SitePoint Developer Survey I recently filled out:

"Domination of the desktop. Data will become more important to users than vendors. The Web will be come the "protocol" for the new desktop--both on-line and off. Standards will continue to be the road on which innovation travels. The sticky-wicket will be implementations of those standards. Open Source (hopefully) will rise to the occasion of implementing them--sometimes with company backing, sometimes without."

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June 15, 2006

GData aka Google Data

Google's hard at work these days. GData is an XML-based syndication format for data interchange (syndication, publication). It's right in line (and competition) with Atom and RSS.

GData borrows concepts from both, looks rather robust, and more feature rich then both Atom and RSS (from what I can tell).

In the realm of Google Calendar though (which is how I found this), why isn't Google just using normal iCalendar publication methods? Is it lacking serious features that I don't know about? Authentication? Authentication does seem to be the largest, most powerful difference between GData and the others.

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GMail et al for your domain

Saw this one coming...

Google's offering their multitude of AJAX apps to companies at their own domain name (currently in beta).

It's so terribly logical. The next thing, possibly, will be having these AJAX apps added to the Google Appliance and Google Mini. However, that might not fit Google's world conquering designs.

I'm still thinking on this one...

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Lazy Web: RSS feed for Gentoo updates

I've already got an RSS feed from Gentoo Portage for updates available for my architecture, but the list is of all available updates whether I've got the software installed or not.

What I'd like to see is an RSS feed generated from the content output by running 'emerge -pvu --newuse --deep world' (p = pretend, v = verbose, u = update). That RSS feed could be available as either a local file that could be added to any local RSS reader (I'd use Firefox).

That's the idea. Any takers?

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