July 24, 2005

Better topics...

Not that I don't like technology mind you. It's just that it's been a rather long time since I've really blogged.

Remember the arts? Remember Christianity? Remember being concerned about Truth, finding it, and what we should do with it once we found it?

For the past few months (I'd say 8-10 at least) I've been disallusioned. Figuring that if things (dreams) didn't "just happen," they likely weren't ment to. If the churches seemed dead it was the fault of the faith. Skepticism reigned.

Graciously, God gave me the grace to quite blogging.

Thankfully, He didn't quite working on my sanctification.

The Arts:

Art should exist. We should be creative. That's not the question we need to be asking. And as Art is an exploration, it is a search for answers to its own questions, so to wait in search of answers before producing is to avoid art and its production (the means to finding out) forever.

God is the reason for Art. Art should be our pursuit of Him--an exploration of God. It should be everywhere: home, work, play, church.


I remember a time when I was helping people with their dreams by giving them giant reams of paper, a printing press, and a quality box of letters. Maybe if there are people still out there who need a voice, I could give them more letters...


I've heard the first year of marriage is the hardest. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. I'm only on month 14, so I can't really judge. I do know that a considerable amount of growth and some painful refining goes on as two sinners are graciously lumped into one person. Iron on iron creates a lot of sparks. To speed up the sharpening process, keep the metals in close contact for long periods of time occasionally adding intense periods of heat to keep them maliable.


You ever learn about someone and find out later they've been a part of your life longer than you thought? There are friends I've made that after meeting them I found they had always been in my life. They knew many of my friends. They passed me a hundred times a day. We may have even chatted as strangers do when put together for short lengths of time, but the memory of those small meetings were distant if they hadn't already been shuffled in with everything else on the desk of my mind. And often, the friends I make already knows more about me than I ever would have imagined.

There are times Christ feels like just such a person. When I get to know Him more, I find He's been there all a long. He never left. He's known me since before I knew myself. I pass Him daily in the wind, but walk past, sometimes with a smile. I'm not always ungrateful for His constant kindness; it's that I'm preoccupied. Other things distract me.

When we meet again, I find I've missed Him more than I knew and that He's been closer to me, the entire time, than I ever expected.

"O Love that will not let me go...I dare not ask to fly from Thee."

Lover of my soul,
Chase me down if I ever leave.
Buy me back from my slavery.
Find me where I hide.

It's not that I intended too
It's just that things looked better
so I left

Greener pastures made me sick
But I enjoyed the pain
in a masocistic way

My own way would eat me alive
If you didn't make me Love you
I'd kill myself with my sinful pride
and find all my joy in the dung I eat

You knew better
always have
Buying me back from my slavery
Make me Love you as I know you can

It's not that I intended too
It's just that you know better
so I'm back

thank you

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July 06, 2005

Google Maps API

Google released a JavaScript API to their Google Maps site (according to Joseph Scott's post). We'll likely start seeing more and more Google Maps appearing on sites around the Web. If I can make time to learn it, they'll certainly be a part of BigBlueHat sites.

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