October 19, 2005

Zend PHP Framework

I've been playing with PHP frameworks for a while. They all have different pro's and con's. Yesterday, Zend (the maker's of the PHP language engine) announced they will be creating a Zend PHP Framework of their own.

There's already an extreemly large number of PHP frameworks available (the Ismo project I actually run). Most of these frameworks, including Ismo, lack a developer buy-in and only a few of them have large open source or commercial applications built on them. Zend is seeking to rectify that situation by throwing their considerable weight behind a community built framework.

All in all I think it will be for the best. My hope is that Zend releases it under a reasonable open source license like their own PHP License, but I do fear a money-making GPL/commercial license. I guess time will tell.

In the mean time I plan on getting in deeper with Ismo and implementing some framework concepts I haven't seen yet (see the Ideas section on the Ismo Wiki.

One more thing: Zend also announced that they've joined the Eclipse Foundation and will be creating PHP related plugins for Eclipse. For the curious, there's already a PHP plugin for eclipse that's quite good.

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