October 15, 2005

The Mark of The Christian

I've recently read Francis Schaeffer's small booklet, The Mark of the Christian. It's the sort of book that forces the reader to apply to his own life before extending the message on to other people and organizations.

I mainly came away realizing that though no essay can adequately answer all questions that arise in area of applicaion of ecclesiastical separation, we must at least recognize that we must begin by loving others. The essay does not proport to define what precisely constitutes worldliness, or at what exact point a church or individual is forced to part ways with someone, but we know that AT LEAST this is true -- Our measurable acts of love for other true believers is the basis upon which unbelievers have the right to judge whether Christ is sent from the Father.

I've purchased a new domain name -- www.markofthechristian.com -- and hope to gain permission from Inter-Varsity Press to post the text of the book on this site, as well as invite writers to comment and expand upon the theme of the book. Keep an eye out for this new site.

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