September 27, 2005

What's New

We're enjoying our work here at Portland Studios. Seems like most of the guys here are working on their entries for the Society of Illustrators. Can't wait to show you the pieces. Justin's is based on Pilgrim's Progess. It's an all out assault on your candy-coated assumptions of the story's visuals. Chris is working on a small project for Relevant along with his portfolio development, and work for Oxford University Press. Cory's doing spot art for Landon Snow 2 and he's about to start on a story for Oxford University as well. We're also in the midst of a variety of design jobs---the newest of which is Andrew Osenga's new solo album---we talked with him last night about the direction the art should take. We'll see. This week I'm mainly devoting my attention to some marketing calling---and writing a marketing plan for our business for the next year.

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