September 03, 2005

A New Era of Art

Something has changed. At least in my perception. I've been noticing more good art being made these days. In every area of the arts that I see around me, it seems that fresh work is being created. In music, in illustration, in film, etc. In the area of music, there are Christians and non-Christian alike developing sounds and genres that are a hybrid of other genres that have come before. For example, you have Sufjan Stevens and his 50 State project. You have Nickel Creek (like their pop-ularity or not). Even Postal Service takes something like electronica and Gameboy sounds and lays over it smooth light vocals. Something entirely new and refreshing.

In the area of illustration, digital techniques seem to be opening up new styles and methods of painting never before tried. In the Illustration annuals and even at work in my office I'm seeing new brushes being developed, faster ways of working, richer colors, and a seamless way to move from initial concept to final piece. Anyone who questions the importance of new techniques in painting should check out the Gnomon Workshop's DVD series showing how it's all done.

Additionally, it seems that filmmakers are just now starting to really know how to use the special effects and 3D animation technology that they have to tell great stories---not just eye-popping explosions, but great stories with a tactile believable design sense. Take any of the Pixar films, LOTR, the upcoming Open Season, (in my opinion) the sweeping cinematography of Sky Captain, etc.

All this is banter, but my point is to say that I'm encouraged by the state of affairs in the arts. I'm glad to be able to feed off the excellent work that's being done by those around me.

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