August 22, 2005

Vonage and More


We just set up Vonage at the Portland Studios office today. Finally we're through with 2 and a half years of using our cel phones and fighting for good reception. Our new number is: 1-(864)-335-8220.

As an update: Overall, we're making some great progress on our office space on Stone Ave. We're all able to work in one room now. Jamin and I are next to each other so we can bug each other by the moment on project management stuff. Chris is on our side of the room. Justin and Cory are on the other side of the big room for now. Next steps: Get the conference room ready. Finalize Del and Dana's office space. Redo the entry room.

It's pretty nice to have our AirTunes running into a sound system in the ceiling. Jamin, Justin, Chris, or I can be the DJ from any one of our desks, wirelessly.

The big challenge at our office right now is working through office systems---honing the way information is passed around, and how we keep track of jobs.

Justin Gerard is working on a new cover for a novel being published by P & R Publishing. Chris is starting on a commission by Oxford University Press. Cory is prepping some art for a Publishing Board pitch at Tommy Nelson for a book. Jamin is running all over meeting with design clients as well as managing our illustration jobs with publishers around the country. I'm filling in loose ends. Odd jobs---changing task about every 10 minutes it seems. About to begin on a new set of TV ads for a local hospital.

Justin and the other artists are excited about the DVD's they're discovering from The Gnomon Workshop. Currently Ryan Church is THE name around here.

Going up to Nashville on Sept. 1st for business and Andrew's release party for the new album. Should be fun. Planning on staying with my good friend, Jon Kopp in Knoxville.

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