August 13, 2005

LA Trip / Koelle Wedding

Last Friday I flew back in from a great trip that Justin and I made to Los Angeles for the SIGGRAPH convention. The whole trip was a fantastic benefit to both Justin and me. I know that Justin especially was inspired to really refocus on more animation concept art---more quickly conceived work---but story-based. Art that tells the story in a single image in 2 seconds. Chris Sanders was a particular inspiration to talk to. His work on Lilo and Stitch and other films quintessentially exhibits the qualities that we want in Portland's artwork.

I write this from the Buffalo, NY airport. I'm heading back after being Chris Koelle's wedding last night. A magic event. Two becoming one. The gravity and joy combined made for a moving few hours. Thank God for close friends. Thank God for picturing Christ's love for the Church so exquisitely in marriage.

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